Gideon dances well.

We'll give them another chance.

Written, as it is, in easy English, the book is easy to read.

He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

Who leads the chorus?

We can't sleep because of the noise.

Why do you think Amos never wears red?

I told Harmon I had plans.

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I don't like meat. I prefer a vegetarian diet.

I would have said yes.

Claire was funny.

Let's do some exercise to work up an appetite.

The carts were being loaded.

It's the first time I've listened to this music.

Extenuating circumstances led the judge to pass a more lenient sentence.

It ended badly for Straka.

We could write him a letter.

I'm going to go and see a film. Wanna come?

Let's go to Shinjuku tomorrow morning.


We've been helping Hon.

Congratulations on passing all your examinations.

That would be unreasonable.

Ricky knew what to expect.

Many men went west in search of gold.

I found nothing interesting in that magazine.

Jennie was in perfect health yesterday.


I still have your key.


Can you spell it?


The restaurant doesn't do lunch.


I've been living in this house since last month.

You may be forced to fight, whether you want to or not.

Crossing guards are posted during school hours to guide children safely across busy streets.

Relax. We're on vacation.

Both parties opposed war.

The Southwest is the hottest and driest region in the United States. Climate changes pose challenges for an already parched region that is expected to get hotter and, in its southern half, significantly drier. Increased heat and changes to rain and snowpack will send ripple effects throughout the region and its critical agriculture sector.

What do you suppose this is made of?

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I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Julianto used to be the best swimmer here.

You'd better send for the doctor.

If you have any questions, let me know.

I like to make bread from scratch.

Can we have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow?

It is pleasant to sleep under the tree.

Rooms should be left vacant by eleven a.m. on the day of departure.

I must speak with them.

There was nothing Hunter could do to help.

Shutoku has been living with us for the last three months.

You say you changed schools.

I want to know how he planned this.

I take sides with him.

What's Felix done?


I'm concentrating.

Michelle woke up naked.

A dog suddenly jumped at me.

This elf is so cute.

Where do I find that?

They mean trouble.

He says that he wants to speak to you.

Poverty is a stranger to industry.

This is a hotel.

Jim is what is called an absent-minded student.

"Does he like you?" "No, but he's a good friend and we have fun together."

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It's publicly recommended to "raise obedient kids," but it's rather difficult to carry that out.

We haven't been able to find out when the shipment will arrive.

Every picture tells a story.


The experiment must begin.

I think this book is easy.

You have to stay.

It snowed all last night.

Spring came late this year.

I know what you're talking about.

It's been a week now since Alfred changed his underpants.

My eyes hurt!

She'll have to wait for him.

He gets a good salary.

The death of her husband was her rebirth.

I take full responsibility.

My success was largely due to luck.

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One of these kids knows it.

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Barney and Anita are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

Have you ever heard her sing on the stage?

He's cleaning his rifle.

Rich does do some goofy things from time to time.

This book is a bildungsroman.

What an exciting game!

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Ellen is terrified.

They switched places with each other.


This might just work.

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I want to go back to Boston.

I don't have anything else planned for today.

I think Spike is a terrible father.

I just wanted to see what it was like.

Geoffrey meets his girlfriend at this coffee shop every afternoon.

Barney was wounded seriously.

Laura fell off the diving board.


How many glasses of juice did she drink?

It'll be forgotten in a few months' time.

I am short.


Clive wants to be an electronic engineer.


She acknowledged that my statement was true.

Everyone likes you.

This is fucking cool.

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I don't understand what's happened to you, Ellen.

Why are you cutting the fruits?

Maybe I'll even get to meet Rhonda.

Do you know how to deactivate a bomb?

How pretty she looks in her new dress!

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I won't be late.

Eight divided by two is four.

What you did was really stupid.

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Give me your flashlight.


If you go on at that rate, you will surely fail.

Dolphins use echolocation.

I asked him if he knew her address.

One of us should talk to her.

Please tell me you're not going there alone.


You seem to be a busy guy.

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It's quite clear to me that this is the truth.

He goes to school early.

All members must follow these rules.

My father-in-law is a lawyer.

I think Panacea was drunk.

Mount Etna has erupted, sending lava and ash plumes into the Sicilian sky.

I live in Honolulu.

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Oh shoot, I forgot about the vocabulary test.


We're related by marriage.

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You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.


I'll take a look.

My wish is to be a singer.

Pablo used to tell me I was beautiful.

Jamie wondered why Sue didn't tell him about it.

You don't really understand, do you?


Mario didn't have time to watch TV yesterday.


I've known Mr Smith for many years.


I owe him money.

They were waiting for her.

Heather knows all about us.


I had half a grapefruit for breakfast.

We researched the Amazon rainforest.

Judy hates it.


Why wasn't I notified about this immediately?

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Jim climbed out of the boat on to the bank.

They forgot their umbrellas.

As soon as he returns, I will tell you.

If only that lamp weren't shining in my eye.

Alexander just got out of the bath and his hair is still wet.

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Please do as I say.

She couldn't do with his rude behavior.

You should follow Brendan's advice.

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I gave my weapons away.

She has a big butt.

What the teacher said got Graeme to study harder.


We have an unscheduled stop.

Where can I cash this personal check?

I called his office again and again, but no one answered.

I thought Casey was dying.

We are on the right road, but let's continue to work hard!

If you piss on the toilet seat, wipe it off!

She was my only joy.

It's already 7 o'clock.

While he was giving the speech, the sound of a gunshot could be heard.

It is always the darkest just before the Day dawneth.

Did Anderson break your heart?